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PW 17 Muli - The professional winch

Optimal rolling-up of the steel cable and optimal transfer of tractive power
In order to manage 1.7 tons with such a small and light winch, it is necessary not to waste power unnecessarily. This is possible with the PW17 winch by not modifying the diameter of the capstan head. This method enables constant tractive power as well as a constant tractive speed. For transferring these 17kN, you just have to wind 6 revolutions of the steel cable round the capstan head. The steel cable is rolled up into the separate steel cable storage by the tractive power of the winch, which, of course, is very helpful and considerably increases the steel cable's durability. There is place for 60m steel cable with a diameter of 7.2mm in this steel cable storage, but due to the capstan method, it is possible to use any steel cable length without the steel cable storage.
Power transfer by a chainsaw motor
A standard chainsaw can be added in a few minutes without any special tools.
Always everything under control
The weight to be pulled is sometimes underestimated, which can, for example, result in an overtaxing of the motor or in a damaged steel cable. This, however, also means than it can come to different dangerous situations. Thanks to simple security functions, however, the PW17 winch has every situation under control. If the weight to be pulled, for example, is too heavy so that the motor's number of revolutions decreases, coupling takes off. In this instance, the reverse running locking system prevents the slipping back of the load. Normally, this reverse running locking system is locked, but if it is necessary to take tension out of the steel cable, you only need to apply the brake lever with one finger and the tension of the steel cable slowly decreases. In the case of an extreme overtaxing, a special pin interrupts the connection between motor and gear. This prevents serious damage at the gear and at the chainsaw


Winch with capstan method
The huge tractive power of 17kN is possible thanks to a single capstan head winch with integrated high-performance planetary gear, which enables constant tractive power as well as a constant tractive speed.


Steel cable storage
There is place for 60m of our special steel cable, but any steel cable length can be used.


Supporting frame
The usability of the winch is very comfortable. The supporting frame supports the machine against the tree and is especially ideal for the usability of the machine without loads.